Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Having great time with new friends

Lili and Baljin having great time in the class.

Every PBB employees MUST attend at least 2 days course according to Bank Negara's ISO guideline.

This time its my turn. And 'Building Better Work Relationships' course was chosen for me.

Most of the course participants from all over Malaysia will be accomodated at IT & Training Centre (ITTC) where the course will take place.

If the hostel there already full, we'll be accomodated to the nearest hotel like Residence Hotel in Uniten (Universiti Tenaga Nasional), Mines Hotel (The Mines) or Palm Garden Hotel (Putrajaya).

They said i'm lucky coz this time around i'm accomodated to a 4 star Palm Garden Hotel, Putrajaya. Never been there and quite excited about it.

Palm Garden Hotel, Putrajaya

My hotel room

Enjoying dessert while get to know each other better

Its a nice hotel but quite boring if you don't have transport to wonder around Putrajaya. Since i came with taxi, nothing much can be done at night.

Buffet dinner from 7.00pm to 11.00pm with a lot of food to choose from and chit chat with the coursemate, go back to the room, watch tv for a while then sleep. Thats every night routine. Lucky its only 2 nights.

Early morning (7.45am), we'll be sent to ITTC with hotel van and breakfast will be served there.

The course i'm attending is a fun one. Some sort like a motivation course to be a better staff and a better teanwork in workplace. But as usual, i'm always being put in front of the class. Is it because my name starts with 'A' or what? I'm not sure.

Ms Kek Chze Yen or just call her Ms Yen. Don't like to be called amoi. Remember that.

Our course leader (teacher) is Ms Kek Chze Yen (above). She's fun and more like a chinese kampong girl (coz of her bahasa is very good and pretty too : ). She's the reason why the subject seems very enjoyable and interesting.

Ms Yen giving instructions on what to do next.

This is a 'Relax' team. Waiting for their next task.

Zuraimi doing his best explaining (or entertain) us with his team's task.

Baljin and Farah presenting on behalf of our 'Simple' team.

My coursemates also very friendly and supportive. A bunch of guys (and girls) that fun to be with. Actually, there's only 4 guys (including me) and 22 girls. Just imagine.

But, we can get along very well. Having our breakfast, tea break (twice), lunch and dinner together.

My appreciation to all my coursemates and my course leader, Ms Yen for the great time. Get in touch, guys. E-mail me.

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